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Client Success Stories

Sophia has hundreds of clients she has helped achieve personal and fitness goals.  Here are some of their success stories and testimonials of training with Sophia.

Mayra, Victoria and Bianca- "Sophia's workouts are fun and gave us a lifelong friendship!"

Sophia Dalton
Mayra, Victoria and Bianca- "Sophia's workouts are fun and gave us a lifelong friendship!"
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Mayra, Victoria and Bianca- "Sophia's workouts are fun and gave us a lifelong friendship!"
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Jody - "Sophia has made me love working out!"
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Diane - "Sophia made me meet my goals!"
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I feel it's my duty to tell everyone how GREAT Sophia is! If you're ready to see results, then you HAVE to call her!

I've been pretty active for most of my life. I was a competitive swimmer back in the day. These days I keep active by going to the gym, dance classes, swimming, and if I can force myself I'll try to go jogging [I'm just not the jogging/running type]. Though I've always been petite, I have NEVER been satisfied with the tone of my body. Losing the 5-10 pounds and inches was not a problem for me.  It was developing the muscle definition and leaning out that I could never achieve. Even though I was at a good healthy weight, I didn't have the confidence to wear a tank top (because my upper arms looked flabby) or wear a bikini (because I just looked like I had loose skin everywhere).


Not sure if it will help, but just for reference I'm 5'3" and usually weigh within the range of 108-112lbs [highest weight I was ever was around 130 and lowest 105lbs].Well this all changed for me when I met Sophia! She is very sweet and peppy even at 6:30am! Extremely professional as she is always on time. She genuinely cares for all her clients as she wants to get you the results you want. She is easily reachable by phone/text/email and usually will reply back to you within the next hour (so far with me, it's almost instantaneously). Sophia will text/email you from time to time to check up on you to see how you are doing on the diet plans and/or workouts she creates for you.


I only train one-on-one with her once a week so I ask if she could email me workouts I could do on my own. I've also veered off the path on her diet plans, but I never feel guilty because Sophia NEVER puts you down for it. She's very understanding! I DEFINITELY am seeing a change in my body composition! And I think this is the best I've looked in my life! In just the first four weeks, I lost almost 7 inches everywhere [with 3 inches just in my middle waist!] and down 1.5% in body fat [23% to 21.5%]!!I never dread going to my workouts with Sophia because I know she will maximize my training within that hour I have with her. So if you want an AMAZING trainer who actually cares for you and wants to help you reach your goals, then contact Sophia now!


Wow, where do I begin. Sophia has quite literally saved my life and body! I reluctantly (I hate all forms of working out and was the heaviest I'd ever been) came to Sophia in January 2018 and since then I have lost over 40lbs, 10% body fat but more importantly I've shedded INCHES--over 7inches in my waist and around the same for the rest of my body!!! I NEVER thought I'd see it or be this happy again. 

Sophia is not only an amazing trainer but she's also a friend and cheerleader. Seriously I have no idea how she kicks your butt in the gym but does it with such enthusiasm and positivity which makes you forget that she keeps adding reps! 

If anyone is thinking about getting a trainer or nervous about making the next step--don't be and look no further, Sophia is your woman.

I came to her to get "wedding ready" but today I'm not only ready (well, want a fewww more inches :)) but a stronger and healthier person. 

Bottom line--call Sophia TODAY.



I used to spend my nights and weekends sucking down Mountain Dews, Monsters, and having meals at 7-11.  Nights and weekends were also spent playing video games. Within two years I was a few pounds away from the big 200.  I wanted to work out and be more sociable, but I know now that I was just using food to feed my own negative self-image of myself. Heading on a downward spiral where I would eat to food to feel good but I would just get fatter which made me more depressed.

So I decided to start working out, easy, huh? Not really! Running a few miles today became tomorrow, then on the weekend then, in a few weeks. I would try to eat healthy but eating one meal a day and I would run every now and then but I was just setting myself up for a disaster.

I realized that to lose the weight I gained, I needed some professional help. With taking classes at UCLA I was looking for someone close to campus but I was willing to travel around Santa Monica, Brentwood area. 

I did a Google search and found Sophia. Upon first meeting her I was very intimidated by her enthusiastic energy that she gave out. I made a commitment that I would follow any of all of Sophia directions to a T.  She helped me realized that my diet was making me depressed, and giving me anxiety attacks. The workouts were hard at first but I never gave up. I never worried about the number on the scale but on how my clothes fit. Within two weeks my clothes were noticeably looser. Within a month I started to see some definition in my body.  After 90 days I lost 43lbs, gained confidence (which I never had), felt happier, and loved the way I looked.

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