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Equipment list for in home workouts

Should you choose to use equipment, see below for a list of the recommendations.  For a complete list of all equipment on Amazon, you can visit the Sophia Dalton Equipment List.

Recommended Equipment: 

The list below will provide you with items to choose from, in order to make the most out of your workout.

Exercise bands for around your ankles and above your knees


Recommended bands for above the knees:


Recommended bands for around the ankles: 


Exercise resistance bands for arms: 

  • Recommended resistance band

    • Check resistance and get a 15-20 lb. or 25-30 lb. one. If you can’t buy this, I have included both free-weight and body weight options in the workout instead. 


Kickboxing target paddle

  •  If you can’t get it, I have included other exercises similar to what I would have you use this for. 



  •  Get weights you know you can handle. You can go even lighter or heavier depending on your strength levels. 

  • You can find dumbbells at Amazon, Target, eBay, yard sales, Goodwill’s, or any sports stores!   A variety of weights are listed on the full Amazon list. Recommended weights:

    • 5 lbs.

    • 8 lbs.

    • 10 lbs.

    • 12 lbs.

    • 15 lbs.

    • 20 lbs. or higher.  


Kettlebell or use dumbbells:

  •  Kettlebell weight: 20-45 lbs. 


Yoga mat and a Long towel:

 A chair or bench

 Stopwatch, clock, wristwatch, or timer on your phone  

 If you are pregnant

  •  Be sure to ask your doctor how to wear it.



  •  Omni Neck support pillow

    • If you can’t get this it’s ok, it’s just extra support for those of you that may work at computers, have neck issues or hunch a lot.

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