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My Fitness Journey - Tiffany

Tiffany's 5 month transformation

I've been training with Sophia for about seven months now and she is truly amazing!! 

I had binge eating issues in the past and really wanted to shed the extra pounds from the damage I've done. I've tried everything from fad diets to endless amounts of cardio but wasn't seeing results. Although I was eating a lot less and exercising more, I was still gaining the weight back easily after I ate normal again. I was getting frustrated :(. 

However, within the first four months into training with Sophia and incorporating a nutritious diet, I went down from 22.8% body fat to 18% and had lost inches on just about every part of my body. In addition, I finally got my metabolism to pick up again! Besides gaining muscle tone, the only other thing I've gained since is a bum. FYI I'm asian so being born with a big bum is a true rarity for our kind! Hahaha. Just saying. Those squats and lunges she makes you do really pay off!! ;) 

As a trainer, Sophia incorporates a variety of exercises from plyometrics/strength training to weight training and cardio. What I like is that she always keeps me guessing each workout since each time, she'll change up the routine, which is good to prevent from plateauing in my opinion. She also keeps track of your progress and keeps you in check every now and then through text message. She really cares that you reach your goals! Just a fair warning though, her workouts are crazy intense! I'm almost always shedding tears during my workout sessions with her haha. Despite the pain and tears though (all worth it in the end of course ;) ), I finish the workout session feeling uplifted. Her bubbly spirit and sweet personality will rub off on you! 

If you really want to see results, Sophia's the trainer to call. She's a true badass! I highly recommend her!


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