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My Fitness Story with Sophia

Qi Qi's before and after with Sophia

Sophia is a best friend, fitness coach, BEAST, cheerleader, and fairy godmother rolled into one. When looking for a personal trainer, I did extensive research and interviewed 10 personal trainers in the area who I thought would fit my needs. After 1 email exchange with Sophia, I thought she was the one for me. After the first minute of our phone interview, I KNEW she was the one!  Here's why:

PERSONALITY: Personal trainers who can tell you what moves to do in the gym are a dime a dozen. PTs who inspire you to push yourself, in AND out of the gym, are unicorns. Sophia is encouraging without being pushy, full of information without being judgmental, and most importantly, sweet and so generous with her time. 

COMMUNICATION: Sophia is always on hand to help her clients out. She texts every day to make sure we're staying on track, and even helps me with menu recommendations when I have to eat out while traveling. 

WORKOUTS: Every workout is different! I go to orangetheory regularly, so I am no stranger to intense workouts, but Sophia kicks my butt every time! She keeps my body guessing, has all the equipment you could dream of, and I already see visible results after just 6 weeks with her.

NUTRITION: Sophia is arming me with valuable information about nutrition that will last me a lifetime. She provides a tailored meal plan, but also teaches the "why" behind the details of the plan. If for some reason I ever stop training with Sophia, I feel like I'll be able to make smarter, more informed decisions about my food.

FLEXIBILITY: Sophia is super understanding when we need to reschedule classes. Love that she puts her clients first!

RESULTS: We train as a group of 4, and after just 3 weeks, we each shed significant weight, body fat, and inches. Her workouts and diet plan are not easy - but neither is positive, significant, long-lasting change. We all followed her plan (nearly) to a T, and we all saw results!

In summary: Sophia is an amazing girl boss who is passionate about her work, and loves to helps each and every one of her clients achieve the goals they set for themselves. She is worth every penny, and I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer.


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