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This plan can be customized to fit your lifestyle, whether you’re a Jet-setter, or have many dietary restrictions. BodyshoX will design a custom plan that’s right for you. Your customized meal plan will consist of five “meals” a day, (more if you include snacks), with at least five options per meal. Customized meal plans have been highly effective in weight-loss, giving you a healthy lifestyle that is attainable forever. As a result, your hair will shine, your skin will glow, and your body will feel balanced. Once purchased, you will receive an email from Sophia Dalton to further discuss your restrictions, restaurants you eat at and much more! Grocery list included.


SOAR breaks down into 4 full-body workouts (to be done 2-3x per week) incorporating both at home and gym exercise routines.

Workout 1: Wings

Workout 2: Rise

Workout 3: FLY

Workout 4: GLIDE


gym Workouts


Every BodyshoX workout can be done with or without any equipment. Should you choose to use equipment, check out the list of recommendations here (details)


prenatal training

if you are pregnant Consult your Doctor Before engaging in a workout program.  it is possible to work out safely when pregnant however in Some Cases Modifications to Certain Workouts must be made.   

BodyshoX pregnancy tip: make sure the AREA YOU’RE WORKING OUT IN is well ventilated, and do not overheat.

Custom Meal plan, gym and home workouts by Sophia

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