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When Sophia trains her in-person clients, she has them send her a photo of every meal they eat throughout the day. Not only does this keep them on track, but it helps answer any questions they may have about their diet or exercise. Having that personal text coaching service will hold you accountable, and keep you excited and motivated about your transformation. Sophia will send you prompts about water intake, and urge you to send her photos of your meals. Sophia will check on you every day, to make sure that you are working out, eating right, and feeling good. Even if you’re just having an “off” day and need extra motivation, Sophia will go above and beyond to keep you on track for success. During peak hours there may be an hour gap before Sophia responds because she may be training a client. However, she will respond to every question every day. After hours (8pm and on), you may get responses if Sophia is awake, or Sophia will respond first thing in the morning.

Text Coaching - 4 weeks

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