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Sophia Dalton has been a NASM certified Personal Trainer for over 14 years.


Sophia specializes in:


Extreme weight-loss:

Extreme weight-loss can be anywhere from 50-500 pounds. Sophia understands everything that surrounds extreme weight-loss having been through it herself.

-Joints: The stress on the joints can change the way a person walks and moves, causing misalignments in the hips and spine. Training in the proper way, with different modifications is very important for a successful outcome, and to help or workout around various injuries.

-Bodyweight: Not everyone who has over 100 pounds to lose can perform bodyweight moves. In some cases, using free weights and machines are necessary. Sophia has found ways around any special case in order to achieve a successful outcome.

-Cardio: Not everyone who is an extreme weight-loss candidate can do cardio due to foot and ankle issues. Modifications must be made.

-Eating disorders: Having studied hundreds of cases over 14+ years, Sophia has seen and successfully helped those with multiple eating disorders and other addictions. Sophia strives to help any case no matter how difficult the case may be. She never gives up on anyone.

-Emotions: With extreme weight-loss comes extreme emotions. Change can be hard, even if it’s good change. During a weight-loss journey, family and friends sometimes shift to different priorities, causing emotional distress for the extreme weight-loss client. Relationships with food change which can also cause sadness and fear. Sophia coaches her clients to love themselves and so that nothing will derail them from their goal. She helps individuals develop new relationships with food and with their loved ones. She is not only a personal trainer and online coach, but she is a friend and a shoulder to cry on. She has seen people hit rock bottom, and did whatever it took to get them back up. She never gives up and will constantly remind her clients why they started and help them continue to visualize their goal.


Bridal Training:  

Having been a bride herself, Sophia specializes in bridal and wedding party training. To read more about her bridal services please visit her bridal page



Pre & Postpartum Training:

Sophia is a mother to three wonderful children. She’s been through it all, from the infant phase, to breastfeeding experiences and struggles. She’s dealt with extreme weight-loss after babies to handling loose skin, the pelvic floor, diastasis recti, fatigue, sleep deprivation, and so much more. Sophia was featured on Fitsugar TV through Popsugar, for prenatal video training, and was able to reach thousands of prenatal clients. Sophia understands that the joints, hips, feet, ankles, back and shoulder structure all change during pregnancy. Sometimes these take over a year to return back to a proper structure and sometimes women are never the same again. It can be an emotional and stressful journey for pre & postnatal clients, but Sophia understands every last bit of it. You can read in depth her full story in her blog. (details)


Martial Arts:

Sophia learned kickboxing technique at age 15. She joined a boxing gym as a teenager to get through hormonal rages and her teen years, and quickly developed a love for it. For young women, self-defense and proper kicking and punching technique is important for safety. Years later, Sophia began teaching self-defense to women at various beach clubs, and group classes at local parks and gyms in order to help women and young adults learn the proper way to defend themselves.

-Kickboxing: Kicking and punching is a great stress relief. When we have an outlet that is aggressive and exhausting, our emotions come out, and we are able to release them all at once. Having a physical outlet that is not the norm, Is very important for emotional stability. Sophia incorporates kickboxing throughout her workouts in order to train her clients not only physically, but emotionally as well. Kickboxing is also great for flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and elongating muscles.


Group Training:

Sophia also specializes in group training. Sophia began her BodyshoX Bootcamp in 2012 and trained over 15 people at once. She understands how to carefully watch each and every individual so that no injuries ever occur. She understands how to make group training flow so that no one is ever standing around waiting for the next move. Sophia has been group training since 2006, having first began with a group of 100 women. She carefully assessed each of those women prior to exercise, took all their measurements and body fat tests, and executed workouts that got every woman to her goal.


Goal Tracking:

Sophia has been tracking measurements as well as body fat testing clients since she began training in 2006. She loves to show her clients their progress because it helps hold them accountable, as well as feel more confident that their hard work is paying off. Sophia takes a series of hand measurements, and tracks all of them every month in excel documents with charts. She then emails her clients their results, so they have them updated each month and can keep them forever. (details)


Text Coaching:  

Sophia has been text coaching since she began training in 2006. Checking up on clients is very important to her because having been though the struggle of weight-loss herself, she knows that even one minute can change a day. One cookie, or one moment of sadness can derail someone, so Sophia becomes a mentor to those who are training with her. She texts them often, asking them what they are eating and drinking to make sure they are staying on task. Sophia has seen tremendous positive outcomes by doing this versus not doing this. Those who are willing to be open and honest, and accept help get the best results.  (details)



Sophia has studied the body and nutrition since 2001. She Has seen so many clients over the years that she perfected numerous meal plans to help each person she has met.  Whether the client is bikini show or wedding prepping, pregnant or breast-feeding, or if they need extreme weight-loss, Sophia designed hundreds of custom meal plans to benefit anyone she meets.  To read more about her nutrition please visit her nutrition section (details) 


First Aid / CPR:

Sophia gets CPR and First Aid certified 1-2 times a year. She began her love for injury prevention in high school when she worked with the school’s sports trainer. She was wrapping ankles, wrists and dealing with injuries and how to treat them since she was just 14 years old. She is always up to date on the latest first aid and CPR techniques and has successful aided in multiple emergencies throughout her lifetime. Sophia knows how to recognize low blood-sugar, dehydration, and so much more. She is always equipped with a first aid kit and is quick to react in any emergency. Through training, Sophia is always careful and assesses each client prior to training to learn about their health history. She collects emergency contact numbers and helps individuals with health issues successfully reach their goals in the safest way possible. No one has ever been injured during training sessions with Sophia. She is careful, cautious and doesn’t take risks.


Senior Training:  

Sophia has trained a wide range of individuals, but has a special place in her heart for her senior clients. Sophia has trained hundreds of clients ages 65 and up. She has had experience with rehabbed broken bones, vertigo, osteoporosis, and much more. She has a gentle approach with her senior clients, and believes that a body in motion stays in motion. She likes to keep in close contact with their loved ones as well, in order to help the rest of the family get involved in order to make the most of the training. Sophia stresses the importance of hydration and proper diet in order to stay energized, and having loved one’s help is important for overall success and well-being.



Sophia was a Track and Field high school coach for three years before she had children. Having been a Track and Field athlete herself competing in both high school and college, she fell in love with the sport. She taught long jump, high jump, triple jump, high jump, as well as 800m. She also taught hurdle and sprint techniques. Using those techniques, she has successfully trained pro golfers, race car drivers, marathon runners, road race athletes, triathletes, soccer and baseball players. She also has military and law enforcement experience training individuals to prepare for Bootcamp as well as Swat. Sophia is able to train even the best athletes, challenging them and making them better athletes year after year.

Training with Sophia

Extreme weight loss
Bridal training
Martial Arts
Pre & Post Natal Training
Group Training
Goal Tracking
Text Coaching
First Aid / CPR
Senior Training
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