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The Ultimate Wedding Day Formula

MINT (A motivational, innovative, nutrition wellness training formula) was developed in 2004 by Sophia Dalton when she realized that brides and grooms need a specific formula to look their best on their big day. Between engagement parties, bridal showers, cake tastings, bachelor/bachelorette parties and wedding plan stress, brides and grooms often needed Sophia to keep them motivated to stay on track.  

The innovative training style also includes couples training. Using a therapeutic counseling technique, couples come in, express frustrations, and work as a team throughout the training session in order to overcome the friction that may have been building. Couples training brings two people closer together, where they learn to motivate each other, fall deeper in love and have a healthy lifestyle bond that sets the tone for their future together.

“The couples that train together, stay together!” –Sophia 

The course also includes an hour long complimentary wedding party group boot camp. It allows the wedding party to blow off steam and bond while spending time with the bride and groom before the big day. (A healthy restaurant recommendation is provided for a post-workout recovery meal). 

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“There’s something about seeing a wedding party all laughing together, totally out of their element, with jokes flying around as they sweat and complain. The support of true friends and family for the bride and groom is so important during the wedding process, and I’m always glad I can be a part of helping them form a stronger bond.” –Sophia


Nutrition is important for everyone, but low blood sugar can make an emotional moment seem amplified. It isn’t uncommon for brides and grooms to have their skin break out, their hair dry out or fall out, engage in bickering more or crying easily, all because of low blood sugar. Careful maintenance of food intake and correlated motivation were key to avoiding further unnecessary damage or emotional amplification.


Wedding planning can be very stressful, but by designing meal plans, the brides and grooms will be transformed both physically and emotionally.


“Sometimes we need a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, a punching bag, or somebody who just plain gives a damn. I love being that person! I take nothing personal because I understand emotions, hormones and nutrition. I know by helping people find their perfect balance that they can go on to have the happiest life they deserve to have. A wedding day is big step. Couples go through many ups and downs, but it’s my job to teach individuals how to train and eat so that they can be in a happy relationship, possibly become parents one day, and even more importantly, love themselves. True love begins with yourself, and the best way to love yourself is by taking care of you mind and body first.” –Sophia


The MINT program was developed so that the entire wedding process would go smoothly and be a fun and memorable experience. MINT is something special that brides and grooms can take with them as they journey together into a new life. The MINT program lasts a lifetime.

Get wedding dress ready!

Real Brides, real results


Sophia is the best trainer!  She really helped me get wedding ready by changing and personalizing my diet and exercise program to help achieve all my fitness goals in a short amount of time.”

She really knows how to inspire, motivate, listen and push you to reach your goals.  I couldn't have been luckier to have Sophia as my trainer!! Thanks for making me look great and feel confident for my wedding.


Sophia was the best investment because I felt amazing on my wedding and still do after!

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