About Sophia Dalton

Hi! I’m Sophia Dalton, and I don’t know you yet, but I love that you care about your health!

Whether this is your first journey into fitness, or your 87th attempt at trying to get fit, I understand!

Inside every single person is a burning flame that symbolizes their best self. I like to tap into that flame, fuel it, and watch it spread over an entire life. The heat then attracts more heat, and people soon become connected in life with positivity, love, and true happiness.

Getting started is not always easy. It feels like starting a fire from scratch. You see a hopeful spark, some smoke, and sometimes, nothing. Then you take a deep breath and start all over again. I’ve been through three pregnancies, so I empathize with the frustrations of body fluctuations, and the emotions surrounding change. But, I figured out how to keep my fire burning 24/7 and I want to share that with you.