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About Sophia Dalton

Getting started is not always easy. It feels like starting a fire from scratch. You see a hopeful spark, some smoke, and sometimes, nothing. Then you take a deep breath and start all over again. I’ve been through three pregnancies, so I empathize with the frustrations of body fluctuations, and the emotions surrounding change. But, I figured out how to keep my fire burning 24/7 and I want to share that with you. 


Being a mother and a trainer has taught me how to balance my life in a positive and fulfilling way. Once you focus on strengthening your body and mind, the choices you make lead you down the path in life that you deserve. It all starts with your body and how you truly feel about it. If you’re unhappy with your body, that will have a ripple effect on your entire life.
In 14 years, I’ve seen it all. I understand first-hand how drastic change truly feels. I went from a hummingbird metabolism in my twenties, to extremely overweight during, and after multiple pregnancies. Now, as a 35-year-old mother of three, my metabolism is back and better than ever before. It’s on fire! The only difference is that I just have to fight harder for it now. Life has gotten more complicated. There are hundreds of reasons that could get in my way every single day, but I am in charge of myself, and so are you. 
My goal in life is to teach others what I discovered over the years: Metabolisms can be trained just like taste buds. The mind and muscles can also be trained. The word metabolism in itself means change. We are all meant to grow and discover new things about ourselves every day, and if you think you’re done, you’re really just getting started. 



I’ve designed a program for everyone: pre and postnatal women, children, athletes, brides and grooms, moms, teenagers, pre and post-menopausal women, individuals with diabetes and PCOS, people with hyper/hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, women with endometriosis and fertility issues, individuals with heart conditions, gout, bulging discs, sports injuries, and the list goes on and on.


I’ll never stop fighting for myself and others. I’ll never stop learning through experience and literature. The harder I work, the better I feel; and the better I feel, the happier I am. The happier I am, the more I can help others. That’s the secret formula that I want to teach everyone. Just suit up and show up. Love yourself. Never give up and you WILL reach your goal.


Happiness is earned through self-work, and it begins with the one thing you carry around everyday with you: your body. When I show people they can go beyond their fitness goal, and when they get through a workout they didn’t think they could finish, that is when I see their true selves shine through. I love to say, “There you are!” when I see true happiness come from a workout. Fitness and mental strength go hand in hand. When you take your body to a new level, your cells change. When your cells change, your mind forms new connections. Those connections can be infinite. There is no limit to what you can achieve in life.


Hi! I’m Sophia Dalton, and I don’t know you yet, but I love that you care about your health!

Whether this is your first journey into fitness, or your 87th attempt at trying to get fit, I understand!

Inside every single person is a burning flame that symbolizes their best self. I like to tap into that flame, fuel it, and watch it spread over an entire life. The heat then attracts more heat, and people soon become connected in life with positivity, love, and true happiness.


Although I have a background in sports, I’m more than just an athlete. I did the heptathlon in track & field which is seven events:100m hurdles, high jump, 200m, javelin, long jump, shot put and 800m. I also found time to compete in the triple jump as well as the 400m hurdles.

I’ve been juggling fitness, clients, three kids, writing, a husband, cooking, eating, and fun, and I will continue to add in more because as long as I’m in shape, I’m unstoppable. Longevity is key, and I will never stop adapting to the new me. Although we do not all coin ourselves as athletes, I’ve trained people ages 5-87, and I found the athlete in all of them.

You are an athlete with a flame that wants to spread. Burn excuses and burn self-doubt, because it’s time to light up a new path.


 -Sophia Dalton

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